Common Problems

Should you have an appliance break or a piece come loose, contact us as soon as possible. Do this by phone; do not come directly to the office. Even if you have a regular appointment coming up soon, let us know. Additionally, there are some easy ways for you to cope with common orthodontic appliance problems.

Loose Brackets or Bands

After calling us, use dental wax to hold the piece in place. If this does not work and we cannot see you quickly, you may need to cut a wire or take a bracket off. We can guide you in doing this over the phone.


Because your mouth is not used to have hard metal brushing up against the soft tissues all day, there will be some irritation. Place dental wax over the offending piece. If the irritation does not stop after about five days, contact us.

Lost Separators

Losing a separator is normal. When this happens, do nothing except call us. We will schedule an appointment to replace it.


Soreness with orthodontic treatment is normal, especially right after an appliance is placed and after adjustments. Use salt-water rinses and over-the-counter pain relievers to deal with this. The soreness is gone quickly, especially if you stick to eating soft foods.

Click here to download a printable Orthodontic Diet Chart (with solutions for any problems)!


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