Early Treatment

When is the ideal time for treatment? That will vary based on the needs of the patient. For most patients, the ideal time is in adolescence because the jaw is still growing. However, some patients need help earlier than that.

For these patients, we offer early treatment. This treatment is designed to use the extensive growth still left for the jaw to better correct problems and avoid surgery and tooth extraction. Sometimes, the need is obvious, but not always. This is why all parents should have their child seen on or around their seventh birthday.

Why Age Seven?

At age seven, most children have their first adult molars, which establishes the back bite. This means that the doctor can see back-to-front and side-to-side tooth relationships and spot any major concerns. At this age, there is a lot of growing left to do and the doctor can use that growth to avoid invasive procedures.

Is Your Child a Candidate?

We cannot know this until we examine your child. These exam is easy and will help your child be comfortable with the idea of treatment if it is needed. Simply contact us to schedule your appointment.

Why Is Treatment Important?

Many people think orthodontic problems are simply aesthetic, but this is rarely the case. Problems with tooth and jaw alignment can cause problems ranging from gum disease to intestinal distress due to poor chewing. Ultimately, a healthy smile improves quality of life.

Are you ready to find out if your child needs treatment? Schedule your appointment today.